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Questions and Answers - Treasure Hunt

  • When the rules state the robot must be inside or outside of an area, is it the projection of the robot or the parts of the robot touching the table?
    • The projection of the robot is always used to determine if the robot is inside or outside an area.
  • Do the blocks need to be on the robot or can they be touching the mat in the end zone?
    • The blocks must be loaded on the robot and cannot be touching the mat.
  • Can the robot touch the black line separating the end zone from the large grid?
    • The black line is not part of the starting zone, so the projection of the robot should not touch the black line in starting or ending position.
  • Please explain "they will bias their decision to the worst outcome available for the context of the situation".
    • If there is a situation where it is difficult to tell whether points should be awarded or denied, the judge is required to deny the points.
  • When will the treasure hunt expedition end (when to stop the timer for the attempt)?
    • The timer will be stopped for the attempt when the attempt is completed (the robot has successfully scored all available points and stopped in the end zone) or a team member calls time.
  • When will the number of black tiles be revealed?
    • The number of black tiles will be revealed after quarantine. The number of black tiles is fixed for a single round, but it can be different in different rounds.
  • If a black tile is uncovered, does it have to be covered up with the same block that was removed from the tile?
    • Yes, the same block must be placed back over the tile or the tile will be considered “revealed” (penalty will be incurred).
  • Can the team load anything into the robot post-quarantine?
    • No, the robot cannot be changed and parts cannot be added post-quarantine. Once the grid layout and placement of challenge artifacts has been revealed, team members can only choose which program to run.
  • Can the robot leave parts on the field?
    • Yes, parts can be left on the field. Players cannot have challenge artifacts inside their robot before the attempt.

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